Blue Calcite Point - 8-10cm

Blue Calcite Point - 8-10cm

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Blue Calcite is an amazingly peaceful stone. The colour alone is a great way to help you remember how healing and aligning it can be for the – also blue – throat chakra.

However, there is much this stone has to offer on the metaphysical healing plane that you might not yet be aware of.

The vibrational frequency of Blue Calcite is known throughout the spiritual community to have immense calming effects that allow for the peaceful and fluid expression of the soul. 

There are five specific metaphysical healing properties that Blue Calcite stone provides, and if you learn how to properly incorporate this stone into your life, it will be hard not to feel just how healing it really is.

Blue Calcite helps to bring you back to centre. It soothes and balances your nerves.

Blue Calcite is a powerful transmuter and protector. 

Blue Calcite strengthens your third eye’s connection with your thoughts and feelings as well. As a result, you see enhanced energy flowing through your intuition and inner sight. This is where creativity thrives.

Blue Calcite can help improve memory, Blue Calcite works closely with calming an overactive mind that can oftentimes lead to emotional un wellness, anxiety, depression, stress, tension, and an overall inability to identify and express emotions. 

Blue Calcite can enhance your perception on life, 

Because of the unique connection between the throat chakra and third eye chakra that Blue Calcite induces, you may soon start to see the universe for the perfection it really is.

The fact that the world we now live in is so outwardly focused and refuses to spend time looking within, a majority of people have a flawed and limited view of themselves and life in general.