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Chakra Pendant - 3rd Eye - OM

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The third eye chakra’s symbol is the Om, which is placed over an inverted triangle. The triangle is seated within a circle between two lotus petals. When taken individually, the meaning of these elements represent wisdom. The third eye chakra is associated with the element of Akasha and dominated by the Om.

The seven chakra crystals or stones in the chakra jewellery symbolize the seven energy points in the human body: solar plexus, throat, heart, sacral, brow, crown. By simply putting chakra symbols in a piece of jewellery like chakra necklace, you can bring physical/mental/spiritual benefits to you.

chakra pendant is a stylized piece of jewellery worn to help balance one or more of the body’s seven main energy centres. People who practice chakra healing or balancing say each of the body’s energy centres, or chakras, corresponds with a specific colour.