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Crystal Infused Chakra Candles

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We have researched and created a beautiful range of Chakra Balancing candles. 
Each specifically designed and matched with complimenting essential oil fragrance and supporting crystal to balance and delight your senses.

These candles are made to order so pls allow an extra few days to make - pack & send 

Crown - I KNOW!! - Clear quartz - Frankincense/Lavender /Cedarwood

3rd Eye - I SEE!! - Amethyst - Lavender/Bergamot 

Throat - I SPEAK!! - Sodalite or Lapis Lazuli - Bergamot/Lavender   

Heart - I LOVE!! - Rose quartz - Rose/Ylang Ylang

Solar Plexus - I DO!! - Tigers eye - Citrus/Peppermint

Sacral - I FEEL!! - Citrine or Flourite - Ylang Ylang/Sandlewood/Orange  

Base/Root - I AM!! - Black Obsidian - Frankincense/Bergamot