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Yep its that time of year again - if the Grinch was allowed to swear this would be his catch phrase right !?! LOL

So here we have it - Festive Fuckery - kinda fits how some of us feel about the whole palaver that is the Christmas Shiz. Damned if you do damned if you don't - expectation is far beyond reality and then there's Uncle TIM and Aunty LEESA judging and bitching all day coz they have miserable lives.....FAAAAARK!!!!  

This delightful blend of Cinnamon and Vanilla in a big ass 400ml hand crafted soy candle will lift your spirits in a wink!!

Infused with RED JASPER - Red Jasper is a highly protective stone known for guarding against all kinds of threats. This was why it was such a popular crystal for warriors or those on the battlefields - NOT UNLIKE XMAS RIGHT - LOL!!!

Limited edition so grab one now if you need some festive fun.