Larvikite Crystal Point Towers

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Larvikite Tower - 8-10cm 

Larvikite is believed to unify the past with the present.

It is a wonderful stone if you want to get in touch with nature in all its forms. It carries earth and water elemental spirits and has a strong connection with water, especially rain and storms. This crystal, like water flowing, can help you to elude problems or cleanse them away, encouraging you not to struggle against the tide or resist change.

Larvikite enhances dreams and understanding the insights from dreams.
It is good for astral travel, astral projection, and the aura. It is a crystal of magic and metaphysics that strengthens journeying through multi-dimensions and the darkness of the shamanic underworld. It stimulates metaphysical abilities and facilitates visionary experiences.

Emotionally it brings emotions to the surface and then soothes the heart. Larvikite helps apprehension and insecurity. Larvikite assists in making decisions that are based on common sense and analytic thinking rather than emotional decisions. It helps your mind to assimilate and process new information and is thought to create new neural pathways in the brain.

How cool is all that! 


Towers/Points are individual and shape/size will vary :) 


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