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Mini Spheres

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Mini Spheres are a great way to add more to your collection in an easy and cute way.

Just because they're small doesn't mean they are less energetically filled!

They all have the same vibration as their bigger fancier cousins :) 

Citrine - these are small, like a small marble - brings joy, manifestation, personal power and energy.

Carnelian - reg marble size - strength, courage, creativity and flow.

Celestite - reg marble size - calming, soothing, ease stress & overwhelm.

Tigers Eye - large marble size - protection, self confidence & inner strength

Smokey Quartz - large marble size - stability, grounding & mother earth connection

Amethyst - large marble size - calming, protecting & purifying

Rose Quartz - large marble size - self love, self healing & compassion


sizes/colours all vary due to mother earth and her delivery :)