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Orgone Pyramid - 12cm - The Grey

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A natural energy cleanser and regenerator that carries the power of the sun. Energising and highly creative, it never needs cleansing. It absorbs, translates and grounds negative energy and its intention by its very nature is to help protect. 

The Grey

2 large quartz points, Brazilian agate slice, Blue Lace agate, Mother of Pearl, Copper, Smokey quartz points, Agate Creek agates, Ammonite fossil, Star fish, Purple Sea Sediment Jasper, Mozambique agate, Citrine crystal, tumbled quartz, Amethyst, Gobi desert agate, Glass, small quartz points, Fluorite, Carnelian agate, Red tigers iron, Gold flakes, Garnet, Tourmaline.

What a delightful addition to any space  

This is perfect for meditation. So many incredible crystals/gems intentionally placed in this huge Orgonite pyramid.