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Smokey & Citrine Double Point Tower - Large 1.66kg

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HUGE 1.38kg Double Point Tower

Citrine Crystal Meaning - The Citrine crystal stone meaning harnesses the energy of the sun to bring sunshine and light to all areas of your life. Keeping this stone close will help you keep your environment and your energy feeling sunny and bright.

The metaphysical properties of Citrine are that it inspires confidence, clear-mindedness, and lots of energy with which to pursue your goals. Abundance, manifesting what you want to bring into your life. While there is undoubtedly an earthy quality to this beautiful stone, it also seems to connect you to the broader universe in some profound ways.

Smoky Quartz also means detox. The stone absorbs negative energy and channels it to the earth, leaving only positive frequencies in your aura. Metaphysical art practitioners used grounding techniques with Smoky Quartz to remove negative energies or spirits from a patient's auric field.

Size is 14cm x 12cm x 6cm - 1.66kg