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Premium Cleansing Ritual Kit

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Our premium smudging/clearing kit for all things “purified”

Selenite stick - Selenite is an angelic stone with purifying energy. It is beneficial for judgment, and insight. 

Sage - Sage is a very well known ritual for “smoking out the negative energies” and bringing balance and clarity. When sage is burned, it releases negative ions, which is linked to putting people into a positive mood. 

Palo Santo - known as the Holy Wood, Palo Santo is known to “bring in the good” after sage has smoked out the bad. 

Abalone shell - the shells energies are thought to offer protection and emotional balance. It brings a natural shield and tranquility. 

Feather - this is using natures healing chi as part of the “ritual” that smudging is to fan the smoke to ensure all areas are cleansed effectively. Turkey feathers and eagle feathers were historically most common but in modern time any feather still represents the important part of the clearing ritual. 

There is something quite powerful yet calming about this whole process - if you haven’t tried it you should and if your into it already then you just know :) 


All shells & feathers are as nature provided so no two are the same and none are picture perfect. All individual.