What is Kinesiology?



Kinesiology, Adelaide

Pronounced KIN-EASY-OLOGY, it is derived from the word Kinetic (moving energy). It very effectively identifies and corrects energy imbalances in the body.

Kinesiology is a form of therapy that uses muscle monitoring (biofeedback) to look at imbalances that may be causing dis-ease in the body.

It is a gentle, effective, natural therapy that supports growth and change in all areas of life.

Kinesiology combines muscle monitoring, with the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine to assess energy and body functions. We use gentle and natural remedies and tools to re-balance the body.

Kinesiology sessions are very relaxing and a peaceful process, it is done fully clothed in a comfortable environment and is often described as quite an informative and enlightening experience.

What is Kinesiology good for?

Kinesiology can be used for a range of issues and symptoms including:

* All types of pain - physical and emotional
* Boost performance & motivation
* Weight management and detoxification
* Depression, anxiety and stress
* Hormonal, skin, digestive, sleep, joint and muscular issues
* Fatigue and lethargyLearning difficulties/enhance learning
* Overcoming addictive and behavioural problems Improve confidence & self esteem
* Overcoming phobias, trauma & fatigue
* Cellular re-programming - releasing programs and memories from the cells & DNA
* Identifying nutritional deficiency or excessIncreasing spiritual & energetic awareness & connections
* Achieving goals

Does Kinesiology really work?

After only a few sessions working on one or two issues, often symptoms can disappear.

This is because Kinesiologists view the body as a whole unit, we aren't just looking at one individual symptom, we are looking at the entire system.

Everything affects everything, which is why there is an emotional component to all sessions.

As humans we naturally respond emotionally, its just how we are built, when you have a strong emotional response to something, the emotion can stay in the body until you acknowledge and clear it out. 

Its why we sometimes react to things and don't really understand why, its muscle memory - Fight or Flight auto response.

Depending on the issue and the client response, sometimes, there can be an integration/processing time for the full effects of a balance to take effect, anything from a few days to a week.