FAQ's about Kinesiology


 What does a Kinesiology session involve?

It is really peaceful and relaxing - you lay or sit fully clothed and gentle muscle testing results in physical responses to simple questions that indicate what your body wants to raise/release/balance. Natural gentle remedies are used to achieve this.

Sessions can also be done online in the comfort of your own home - audio & visual required.

Does kinesiology hurt?

absolutely not - it is a completely non invasive & gentle therapy that aims to release emotional stress which in turn enables your body to heal & regenerate itself which is what it is actually designed by nature to do.

Is Kinesiology a spiritual woo-woo therapy?

Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that incorporates a number of different natural therapies & spiritual/energy therapy is definitely one of them, but Kinesiology is fundamentally based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. There is plenty of clinical non woowoo data to back the many well-being benefits of Chinese Medicine and other modalities in today’s growing natural therapies space. The level of woo will depend on you.

How many sessions do I need?

This is entirely up to you and how you feel about the process. Kinesiology can be an ongoing regular therapy or an as you feel you need it therapy. It’s personal and individual so there is no 1 way fits all.

How often do I need sessions?

This is a case by case decision. Some people book weekly/fortnightly, some monthly, and some just as they feel like it. Most come more regularly to start with then stretch time between session as they feel things are flowing better as time goes on and their healing progresses. This can all be worked out as you go - the first step is to just start!