FAQ's about Kinesiology

Privacy Policy

Kinesi Living recognises that your personal information is important to you and that you are concerned with its collection, use and disclosure.

This policy contains information about:

  • the purposes for which Kinesi Living collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information;
  • the types of personal information that Kinesi Living collects;
  • how Kinesi Living collects and holds personal information; and
  • how you may access the personal information that Kinesi Living holds about you, and how you may seek correction of that personal information.

We may also use your personal information for other purposes related to those described above which would be reasonably expected by you.

 Why does Kinesi Living collect, hold, use and disclose personal information?

Kinesi Living collects, holds, uses, and discloses personal information for several purposes connected with our business operations, which include:

  • providing you with products and services requested;
  • dealing with requests, enquiries, complaints, consumer guarantee or warranty claims, and other customer care related activities;
  • marketing our products and services and providing advice on our products;
  • developing and improving our products and services;
  • the operation and administration of accounts that you have with us;
  • payment processing;
  • interacting with companies or organisations with whom Kinesi Living has a business relationship; and
  • carrying out any activity in connection with a legal, governmental, or regulatory requirement that we must comply with.

Documents (including hard copy documents and electronic documents such as emails) which coincidentally contain personal information will also be retained in accordance with Kinesi Living normal document retention practices for accounting, legal and business purposes.

Generally, you have no obligation to provide any personal information requested by us. However, if you choose not to do so where we require this information, we are unlikely to be able to provide you with the goods and services that you want.

What personal information does Kinesi Living collect?

The kinds of personal information we collect or which we may hold about you may include:

  • your name;
  • your address;
  • your date of birth;
  • your telephone number(s);
  • your e-mail address;
  • payment information;
  • transaction information;
  • your user name and password;
  • information contained on identification documents (such as driving licences) and, in some specific cases, copies of such identification documents, where we require these to verify your identity;
  • information on how you use our products and services;
  • your Internet Protocol ("IP") address, server address, domain name and information on your browsing activity when visiting one of our websites;
  • your user name for social networking sites that you use, to refer to, or in conjunction with, our goods and services; and
  • personal preferences regarding products and services.

How does Kinesi Living collect and hold your personal information?

We collect personal information in several ways including:

  • when you order goods or services from us (including online or over the telephone);
  • when you set up an account with us;
  • when you pay for goods by cheque;
  • when you subscribe to our mailing lists;
  • when you enter competitions or promotions that we run;
  • when you provide us your details for customer care purposes;
  • when you browse one of our websites;
  • when you submit an enquiry using one of our websites;
  • when you complete surveys or provide online feedback or product reviews; and
  • when you publicly comment about us on social media sites (for example so that we can answer questions about our products).

Kinesi Living holds personal information in several ways, including:

  • as part of customer records and other electronic documents on which personal information is contained which are stored on our information technology systems and servers operated by third parties who provide services to us in connection with our business; and
  • by securely storing hard copy documents on which personal information is contained, at our various premises and using third party document management and archiving services.


When you create an account with us your details will be added to our marketing database to receive information relating to Kinesi Living and our products. You may also choose to receive such information by subscribing to our marketing database via one of our websites.

To opt-out of receiving Kinesi Living marketing materials, you will need to unsubscribe from our marketing database. To do this, simply select the "unsubscribe" option in one of the emails that you receive from us. Please note that if you have an account with Kinesi Living, we may still need to send you essential information about your account.

Sharing your personal information

Kinesi Living may disclose or receive personal information or documents about you to / from:

  • organisations that provide services to us in connection with our business;
  • if you return goods to Kinesi Living, to the manufacturer of the goods; and
  • to other third parties where you have specifically consented to the disclosure of information to these third parties.

How to access, correct and update your personal information

Upon your request, Kinesi Living will provide access to your personal information that we hold (except in certain circumstances set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)). Kinesi Living reserves the right to charge you an administration fee of $25 for providing access to your personal information and will, of course, require some proof of your identify before providing information to you.

Privacy Queries

If you have any queries or concerns, further information can be obtained or a complaint made by contacting our Privacy Officer by email hello@kinesiliving.com.au or by post to 636 Morphett Road, Seacombe Heights SA 5049.

If you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint you are entitled under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) to make a complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. Information about how to make a complaint is available from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner's website (www.oaic.gov.au).