Do crystals really work?

Do crystals really work?

Ahhh the big debate “do crystal really work?"

I think the real question is “Do you believe they work?” Because what ever you believe is absolutely true for you. However, let’s dive down the rabbit hole just a bit for some fun..

There is belief (and quite a bit of evidence) that crystals and gemstones have been around as long as us humans, but….

The official first records of use of crystals and gemstones dates back to the Ancient Sumerians 4500-2000BC who were big fans of crystals in the officially documented words they believed they “aided in health and protection”
They mined the stones to make jewellery & amulets, they used lapis lazuli scarabs to dress the dead for protection in the afterlife and amber to aid in healing the ill.

The Ancient Greeks were definitely on the crystal train and even named quite a few. The word Crystal is derived from the Greek word "krýstallos" which means “ice". They believed crystals looked like ice.

The word "amethyst" in Ancient Greek language means "not intoxicate." Amethyst was worn as an amulet that they believed would help cure hangovers and prevent intoxication. I’m sure they gave it a fair old test given their penchant for a good vino back in the day 😉🍷

Crystal use for physical health and emotional wellness has also been used in Chinese medicine for around 5000 years. Fast forward to modern times and studies have been done regularly from the 1980s and continue to be done with mixed outcomes when it comes to scientifically prove the “physical” benefits.

What both sides can agree on is that energy is everything, all things have energy and individual energetic vibrations, the sciencey peeps found that there are different vibrational frequencies for different stones and they all agree that energetic frequencies can indeed impact both physically & emotionally so you can take all that however you like.

Me personally, I bloody love them and anything that makes you FEEL is 100% beneficial in my eyes.

I have 3 grand babies aged between 5mths & 3yrs and my clinic is the 1 room they are all calm, relaxed, enchanted & always happy to be in.

I have 3 fur-babies and the minute that clinic door opens they are in like a flash and curl up to sleep under the bed. Calm & relaxed.

Babies & animals are the best judges of raw energy because they cant communicate verbally so I know when they all want to be in the clinic and play with “Mamas special rocks” there’s absolutely something very healing & valuable in that!

What do you think? Do you use crystals in your life? How do you use them? Tell me in the comments below!

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