Essential Oils & Diffusers

Essential oils are scented oils extracted from plants. Historically, they've been used in medicine, cosmetics, perfumes, food, and, more recently, aromatherapy. Essential oils contain the “essence” of the plant, meaning the taste or odour.

Not only are essential oils popular, but they also have legitimate therapeutic uses — and the science to back them up. Although the exact benefit depends on the oil in question, some have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Others can affect cognitive function, mood, and memory. Some can even help alleviate stiff, sore muscles and joints.

Kinesi Living uses only the highest quality 100% pure essential oils in our remedies and in clinic, sourced from a few suppliers globally. Our suppliers are therapeutically approved for use as directed.

Essential oil diffusers are common in homes around the country. The history of essential oil diffusers can be traced back with the history of aromatherapy, an alternative treatment which uses traditional ways of healing ailments using essential oils.

The use of essential oils themselves goes back in time of the ancient civilizations of China, Egypt and Rome. Various essential oils have been used medicinally at various periods in history.

Simply put, essential oil diffusers enhance an environment by spreading the fragrance of herbal and essential oils throughout the air. This form of aerial diffusion is one form of aromatherapeutic application. There are different types of diffusers – some of which use heat, others don’t – all of which have their own use and application.

In general, essential oil diffusers serve both the aesthetic and therapeutic purposes of essential oils treatment. Oil diffusers are produced with as much science as well as art put into them, and the tremendous health and wellness benefits are indeed great.