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My name is Kayanda and I am.... let’s just say I’m Gen X – lol.

I am "mum" to 3 pretty amazing humans. I am "love" to someone I admire and adore and have become "mama" to 4 scrumptious little minis my amazing humans have produced, my heart is full with this tribe.

I have always had an affinity for and gravitated towards alternative and intuitive therapies. I attended my first cleansing course as teen with my mum, who is also a natural therapy advocate.

Life got busy, children entered and whilst the energy and activities were still present in all our lives, the corporate world called.

After many years within the medical/clinical area of that corporate world, and a swag of experiences in both life and career, the overwhelming desire to get back to my truth and vibe, be more self-aware and present created a timely fork in my corporate road.

Over the years I have had random injuries in my neck and back of which modern medicine has failed to resolve, I returned to my alternative therapies which have improved my symptoms and quality of life significantly. I know at my core that these physical issues were my body screaming for me to pay attention to the over load of emotional stress in my world.

It became clear it was time I went with my instincts above all else, to take care of myself, and in turn help others do the same in this crazy, stressful world we all share.

While researching alternative therapies in line with my core values, that included a clinical and therapeutic benefit, an opportunity to trial Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology presented, it worked so well it blew my mind and it very quickly became an absolute passion so I took a leap and here we are. 

Kinesiology, in this evolved format, aligns with and encompasses everything my life experience has prepared me for and compliments my intuitive therapies beautifully.

My goal is to have you leave a balance session feeling lighter but stronger than when you walked in and empowered to take control of your self-healing journey and shift your physical and emotional stress, stress that you may not have even thought was a thing, but there it is in the session popping up to say… HELLO... please deal with me!!  

Layer by layer we can release, like onions, we are multi layered. We are all constant works in progress, the key is to continue to work and progress.

So the first step is to make an appointment, either online or JUMP ON MY TABLE!!


Qualifications & Modalities:

- EMK Practitioner - Reiki Master - Intuitive & Energy Healing