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Crystal Infused Water Bottle - Clear Quartz

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Meet Kinesi Livings new collection of Crystal Infused Water Bottles. 

Our gorgeous Kinesi Living H2O bottles are stylish rose gold and come with a mesh tea insert so you can infuse your favourite tea or fruit as well as infuse with your choice of Crystal/Gemstone. They hold a respectable 450mls so fill at least twice a day to hit your daily average.

For centuries crystal infused water has been used to help balance and restore your body and mind. 

Crystals & Gemstones all have different and unique energies and vibrations to help your moods and manifest intentions. Infuse your water with positively charged crystal energy.

Combine fashion with hydration. Which crystal infused water bottle are you most drawn to?

Clear Quartz - Clear quartz is best known for its ability to amplify and strengthen energy. It has the ability to absorb and store energy, regulating vibrations in your environment. Having clear quartz around you can help neutralise and power up a room with positive energy. It is also super helpful in clearing other crystals if placed near them.