Natural Septarian Geode Quartz Egg 700-900g

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Spectacular septarian geode quartz egg - there is a long historical explanation but put simply, aside from looking simply stunning, they can also:

- help promote natural healing, energy generation, concentration & spiritual growth

- great for meditation and visualisation

- help balance your body and mind, adjust your emotions, assist with concentration.

Septarian Dragon Eggs, also known as Septarian Nodules, were formed 50 to 70 million years ago when volcanic eruptions encrusted dead sea life, mud and other organic materials. When the oceans receded, these nodules shrank and developed the beautiful array of cracks seen in the limestone “shell” that make each one unique. Over millions of years the inside was transformed into aragonite and other captivating crystalline structures. The entire process remains one of Mother Nature’s great mysteries, but each Septarian Egg is a magical look into the history of one of the earth’s beautiful creations.

please note - size is aprox 10cm x 9cm and weight is 700-900grams each 

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