Not Today Go Away Black Obsidian Crystal infused Candles

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Negative Energy Cleanse Blend  with Black Obsidian crystals.

Hand poured soy wax - small batch - local SA candle maker

Black Obsidian is a powerful crystal for psychic protection, helping to clear the negative psychic energy within your aura by acting as a psychic vacuum cleaner. In addition to protection and releasing negativity, you can use the black obsidian gems for root chakra healing and grounding.

Cleansing your aura is like clearing the dust and clutter off your desk. You remove the negative, low vibration energy from your aura and create a bright, glowing, high vibrational state. Spiritual cleansing sprays can also help you clear the negative energy from a space, like your office, studio, or home.

This delicious citrus based blend has been created to compliment the remedy spray.

30+ hours burn time if used as directed (care directions on bottom of jar) Remove larger crystals before lighting for more even burn.

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