Oracle Cards

Kinesi Living are super proud stockists of our favourite sweary psychic LYNDY JEWELL 🤗

Awesome Kids Oracle cards & F*#cking Awesome Oracle cards are a HIT!!

And now there is another no fluff deck to snap you out of your moment.... Get F*#cking Motivated Oracle Cards are available NOW - enter excited wee emoji (if there was one)

A little more about Lyndy below so you get a feel for the energy and genuine love Lyndy has for what she does.


I’ve always known I was “here to  help”.  It just took me quite a while to find exactly what that was!

Decades were spent dabbling in Woo Woo & developing my skill while working various admin roles. I am very grateful for the ‘Fuck It’ moment I had in my early 40’s which propelled me out of doing what I Love as a side gig, into filling my Heart & Soul with this work full time.

I can’t even begin to tell you how great it is to be offering my Psychic Intuitive skills to help people release the burden of past experiences & truly connect back into the Awesome brightness that we all  have inside of us.