Botswana Agate Tumble Stone

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Botswana Agate Tumble Stone 


Sometimes referred to as “The Stone Of Change” Botswana Agate is a stunning stone with a myriad of powerful properties. This gem is famous for its distinctive white bands and subtle, earthy shades.

Botswana Agate is highly regarded as an influence to stabilize and strengthen. It’s said to be perfect for balancing emotional, intellectual, and physical energy. It’s all said to help harmonize yin and yang, the universe’s positive and negative forces.

Botswana agate colours envelop the viewer or wearer in gentle greys, browns, and pinks. It’s believed to be a comforting, protective stone that can bring comfort to the lonely or solace to the grief-stricken.

The stone’s associated quiet energy is said to be useful for centring oneself during mediation. Some say it gives you the love and strength you need to look for answers rather than dwell on your difficulties.

This special stone is said to promote feelings of composure, inner stability, and maturity. Its protective, warm properties encourage security and self-confidence.

Botswana agate is also known as a receptacle for negative energy, toxicity, and unpleasantness, so it’s a good idea to grid them around your house. It’s said to prevent out-of-body visitations from malicious entities and turns unwelcome visitors (in this dimension or the next away) from your door. 

Tumble Stones come in different shapes and sizes from Mother Nature 



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