Rhodochrosite Bracelet

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Rhodochrosite represents compassion and selfless love. It brings courage and is good for memory, making music, passion, and sex. It is good for flow and yin/yang balance.

Rhodochrosite expands consciousness and integrates the spiritual with the material energies. It imparts a dynamic and positive attitude. It clears the solar plexus and the base chakras. Rhodochrosite is a calming stone that is good for meditation, channeling, and contemplation. It helps energy flow throughout the body. It releases energy blocks.

It is an excellent stone for the heart and relations especially in people who feel unloved. It is a stone that attracts a soulmate, but that may not be an experience blissful experience. This is because soulmates are the people who help you to learn life lessons, and that is not always pleasant. It teaches the heart to assimilate painful feelings without shutting down.

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