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Chakra Kit

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Ahhh Chakras - honestly one of our absolute faves 💜 

Sooooo many different options around so to honour the history and class that we feel the Chakras deserve we decided to keep it simple and traditional. 

8 tumbled stones - 2 for heart because why have to choose when the hearts involved. 

❤️Base Chakra - Red Jasper - foundation, family, structure,security. 

🧡Sacral Chakra - Carnelian - creativity, sexuality, fertility, emotions 

💛Solar Plexus - Citrine - personal power, centre of energy, confidence, ego, self worth

💚💗Heart Chakra - Rose Quartz/Green Jasper - love, compassion, affection

💙Throat Chakra - Lapis Lazuli - expression, communication, ability to speak your truth 

💜3rd Eye - Amethyst - intuition, perception, imagination, self reflection  

🤍Crown Chakra - Clear Quartz - spiritual connection, transformation, clarity, wisdom, divinity