Clear Quartz Crystal Mushroom

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Clear Quartz.

Quartz is all around us from timepieces to lasers to jewellery. It conducts energy, which is why it’s powerful to have around you, whether you wear it on your body, carry it in your pocket, or have it sitting near you at work or at home. Notice the clarity it brings when in meetings or at home.

Quartz is a great stone to use for meditation. It will help thoughts flow more peacefully and clearly because it is a gentle yet powerful crystal. You can either hold it in your hand or use it as a focal point to view while you meditate.

Quartz is made of silicon and oxygen, which are two of the most abundant elements on the planet. This means it can help you align with your goals so they fit into the grand scheme of the Universe. Bring a chunk of Clear Quartz with you everywhere you go to stay focused and clear.

Quartz is great for bringing clarity when you’re overwhelmed, confused, or need guidance. Hold it in your hand while you reflect and see what insights show up. It can also help you focus a big vision so having it around when you brainstorm or daydream is a powerful way to feel the effects of Clear Quartz.

Quartz will help amplify any other healing work you are doing and multiply the power of any other crystals you are using. Wearing it during yoga, having it nearby when you are getting a massage, and carrying it with you during any body/mind/spirit modalities can create a stronger experience.

 Spiritual meaning of MUSHROOM

 🍄 A symbol of safety - Longevity - Prosperity - Rebirth - Energy - Learning & Enlightenment 🍄

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