Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Point Tower

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Small 9cm

Multi Coloured Crystal Fluorite Point Tower 

The meaning of rainbow fluorite usually comes from its unique fluorescent light that brings in different colours in light. It is an excellent stone for people of all ages, but especially for students and those still in school. It eliminates negative energies and boosts the focus and peacefulness instead. It is a must have option for those difficult times when you need to concentrate and make important decisions.

This stone can anchor ideas and bring a bit of structure to your emotions when you struggle. Since it can eliminate negative energies and fog, all this toxic debris will become history. Random negative thoughts will turn into productive ideas and innovations. Simply put, you need to make an important decision, hold the stone tight.

Big challenges can become less overwhelming with rainbow fluorite. Sit with the stone and give it a bit of attention to absorb its energy. Meditate if you can. Inhale and exhale. Relax and seek clarity. Clear your thoughts and your breathing and explore the universal vibes around you. A clear head will most likely lead to better results.

The therapeutic profile of rainbow fluorite is excellent to get rid of stress and negative thoughts. You become sharper and you can feel the pain leaving the body – especially the emotional pain.

These Points/Towers come in 3 sizes - shapes and sizes vary but roughly as below

Small - 9cm

Medium - 10cm

Large - 11cm

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