Smokey Quartz Sphere

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Smokey Quartz Spheres 

Smokey quartz is said to ward off emotional stress and fear of failure. In meditation it is thought to help ground and relax the mind.

Use Smoky Quartz as a gentle, healing force that anchors you to the ground beneath your feet and provides the energetic stability you need when life gets chaotic. Through its grounding force, the Smoky Quartz crystal meaning helps you to stay calm, cool and collected as you navigate challenging or difficult situations in your life.

these Smokey’s are light in colour - beautiful tinge of smokey. 

Size 218gm $69 - has lovely natural form chunk of nature in a small section with sprays of aura 

Size 320-350gm - $89 - these 3 are darker spheres lovely deep Smokey colour 

Size 380gm $99 - lovely light smokey no major natural forms just nice gentle sprays 

Size 455gm $129 - this Smokey is quite clear coloured, very slight Smoke with natural brown forms running through. 

stand for picture purposes only - a stand will be provided but they change with stock availability. 

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