Sweary as Fuck Affirmations & Activities

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Affirmations & Activities Deck 

Ahh the wonderful world of AFFIRMATIONS AND ACTIVITIES - These test up all the time in clinic and are a daily mood setting staple in many households. They are fundamentally delightful and uplifting and soft and kind and amazing in so many ways but…. 🤔 if you’ve been following us or know us you may have noticed that is not a super accurate reflection of the Kinesi Living VIBE 😁

Soooo the journey of creativity reflecting the true vibe and sweary sass began. 
Fast forward (well over a year) and we can now very proudly say we have created our own beast that is more… well…US! 


The Sweary as Fuck deck is simple and straight to the fucking point!  

Just LET YOUR ENERGY pick a card and there you have it - a direct message or activity for you sent straight from the universe with absolutely zero explanation required!  

By all means if you prefer to use a pendulum or muscle test or how ever you do your thang to pick a card (or 2) it’s all perfectly bloody perfect ✨ 

The Sweary as Fuck Affirmations & Activity deck is now available 🤗  holy shitballs what a ride making these has been. 

So bloody excited to be able to share these with you all 💜🤟🏽💜

49 cards - no hidden reason for that number at all - just how it worked out 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lyndy Jewell
Sweary as Fuck Affirmations & Activities

Totally bloody BRILLIANT & I absolutely Love them!!! Must have for anyone who enjoys Tarot / Oracle / Affirmation cards with a cheekily direct message.